Squeaky cleaners will deep clean your home while you’re away so you can return home to a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

If you’re in the market for a deep cleaning service, book an appointment today! Though you may not need to clean your home from top to bottom each time you tidy up, it’s important to make it a regular part of your cleaning schedule.

At BreezeSeattle, we ensure that your home is consistently cleaned with a rotational system to maintain the initial results of a detailed clean.
Deep cleanings go deeper than regular cleanings by targeting and removing the deep grime and dirt in your home.
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Our professional cleaning team will
Wet-wipe doors, door frames, door knobs, and light switch plates.
Clean and sanitize the interior and exterior of bathrooms.
Vacuum and wash hard surface floors.
Wet-wipe ceiling fans (if accessible), hanging light fixtures, and vents.
Dust items on furniture and lampshades.
Vacuum tops of drapes or valances.
Clean mirrors, glass in picture frames, and any other glass surfaces.
Clean and sanitize kitchen appliances inside and outside.
Dust and wet-wipe all furniture inside and outside.
Scrub and dry sinks, showers, and fixtures.
Vacuum, edge, and groom carpeting.
And many other things.
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