You may either planning a party or any other event. Or perhaps you have friends coming over to socialize? Are you hosting Co-workers? A home-cooked dinner with a potential client? You have to impress them with the spotlessness of your home and the radiance of your personality.

So why not hire a professional cleaning company to tend to your home while you get to be your very radiant self. It might not be that you’re not expecting guests.

Maybe home is just due for a good scrub down. Then it’s time to hire professional cleaners to carry out a comprehensive cleaning. We’ve all been there!
One-time cleaning service packs the «wow» effect, perfect for many special occasions beyond simply wanting your house cleaned up.
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Who uses the one-time cleaning service?
We’ll cover all areas of the home, including small spaces to remove dust, cobwebs, dirt, and grime.
The one-time house cleaning service is perfect for someone who, for whatever reason, simply needs a break from cleaning but doesn’t want their house to suffer.
Many of the people who utilize this service are families who are planning vacations, having friends stay over, or need a bit of tidying up after a party or function.
Others are those who simply want a professional cleaning touch to their home, so they call the cleaning crew. Whatever the reason, BreezeSeattle can help.
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